AGM 2011 Round up
Monday, 28 November 2011 18:29
The Friends of Temagami Annual General Meeting this year was a huge success in many ways; attendance, discussion and resolution as well as superb hospitality from our Host, Caryn Colman of Smoothwater of Temagami.
The AGM serves as our annual In the meeting hall fund raiser and allows members and non-members to gain insight into the issues facing conservation of the Temagami wilderness as it relates to non-motorized recreation and environmental preservation. Highlights for the group this year were the near completion of the base map, a regional canoe route planning map and the FOT strategic plan that will help guide the group’s operations and work plans.  In terms of pressing issues, Wolf Lake and long term protection for its old growth forests has floated up to the top again.

Advocacy for greater protection of wilderness values at the FMP stage is a slow and drawn out process that nets small gains but is a necessary aspect of the work we do. It allows us to remain relevant in the public participation process, positioning ourselves as the local environmental group while our challenge to the FMPs, keeps the industry in check by insisting they follow the tenets of sustainable forestry as required by the CFSA .

The highlight of the weekend was the after meeting presentation by guest speaker, Brian Back, who delivered an amazing recount of the history of the Red Squirrel road blockade, while demonstrating the enthusiasm and genius of the passionate environmental leaders of the day.

There were several members present who had attended the blockade, but most F of T members were either too young at the time or not able to engage. The blockade happened over 20 years ago and although it did not result in the banning of clear-cut logging in the Temagami area it did force MNR to rethink it's logging mandate and embrace sustainable forestry practices through the CFSA which became operating practice in 1994.

But the battle continues.