Revival of the Little Hawk Portages
Monday, 25 June 2012 21:23

A Historical Height of the Land Link Between the Arctic and Atlantic Watersheds

There are four short portages that connect the West Montreal and Grassy Rivers.  A long history of native and non-native, fur traders, missionaries, land surveyors and most recently youth groups have carried canoes over this land bridge.

On June 11th 2012 the Ministry of Natural Resources has informed us that our joint partnership request to re-habilitate the historic Little Hawk Portages has been approved.
Grassy River Pictograph The Friends of Temagami and our Timmins own, Friends of Grassy River have filed the request back in December of 2011. The purpose of the permit application was to allow members and volunteers the possibility to re-open a historic height of land portage between the West Montreal River and the Grassy River which links the Arctic to Atlantic watershed.  This permission to clear the old path was made possible by working hand in hand with Matachewan and Mattagami First Nation communities for a joint approval to revive this route on Anishnabek Traditional Territories. The Wabun Tribal Council was also instrumental in acquiring permission to proceed with this worthy enterprise. Their main concern is that if we were to find artefacts that we are to notify them and not disturb the location. We will even go one step further in saying that both partners will not search for and dig sites along the portage trail clearing. Our primary intention is to just re-open the old path for future usage.  

Canoe routes played a major role in the Northern fur trade, colonization, exploration and development of our Northern Region. This year, the City of Timmins’ 100th birthday, history will be preserved in this worthy project that will compliment the way we value our multicultural beginnings. Like many other canoe routes across our nation, we must not forget the heritage values of these nearly forgotten historical passages. The purpose to revive this corridor is to give opportunities to our youth and all paddlers the experience that takes them through historical travels of our forefathers and those that helped develop our great nation. 

We are calling on all interested local paddlers to join us on this challenging project to re-habilitate the historic Little Hawk Portages. We will be planning outings from the 15th of August 2012 to the 15th of August 2013 which is the time period covered under the permit we hold from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. We are looking at our Phase One window of operation from the 24th of August to the 9th of September 2012.  Just give us an email and we will tell you the specific dates and times of our return to the portage area in order to start clearing the path.

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