The search for Daniel Trask continues
Friday, 13 July 2012 14:29
The search for Daniel Trask continues into week thirty six and efforts are focusing on the Diamond Lake area where items of Daniel's clothing were found early this spring.  An updated flyer can be found on ottertooth.com as well as regular information postings on the forum.  Don and Maureen Trask are appreciative of all help and any information regarding the search for Daniel. "Thanks" to the Friends of Temagami for all your help and support.  FOT members Kim Cowan and Mike MacHugh went out of their way for us, you are both amazing!  They have made sure the Friends of Temagami booth had Daniel's flyers and pocket cards available to help inform others about him missing in the Temagami backcountry, what to keep an eye out for if in that area, and what to do if anything is found.  The events included Day of 1,000 Canoes on June 23rd in Caladonia and the grand opening of Treks in the WiId in Paris, on June 30th.

daniel_traskMike commented "the item that had the most curious onlookers was the display we had for Daniel. I talked to most of the people who were picking up the cards and and told them that the flyer was the most updated one and they took one also. What was most amazing was I asked them if they visited the Temagami area and most have never heard of it but they would take the flyers & cards anyways. WOW... that was amazing!! People are amazing!! That just floored me!!  They never been there or will go there but yet they care for this guy "Daniel" who is missing. People care!! WOW!!". 

Yes, people do care and are helping us to get through this challenging time. The Friends of Temagami is part of the big paddling family; like our firefighter family who are always there to help, always there to support us.  Daniel may be missing, but our family just keeps growing!  It is humbling to know that the Friends of Temagami will continue to have a display for Daniel at all their booths and events.  We are very, very grateful.

With our deepest gratitude,
Don and Maureen Trask