Forest Management Planning - Update
Thursday, 25 March 2010 13:45

Sudbury Forest

Friends of Temagami continue with the public review to improve the 2010-2020 Sudbury Forest Management Plan. The northeastern portion of the Sudbury Forest includes Chiniguchi Park, the upper Sturgeon River, and the Solace Wildlands.

Three FOT representatives, Chair of Forests Committee Bob Olajos, Treasurer, Ed MacPherson, and President, Alex Broadbent met with MNR and Vermillion Forest Management representatives on February 12. We presented concerns about inadequate protection for overgrown historic trails, a huge 5000-plus hectare clearcut adjacent to the Sturgeon River and Solace Provincial Parks, five unrecognized canoe routes, and a shortfall of NRVIS (Natural Resources Values Information System) inventory for campsites and viewpoints.

MNR Sudbury District Manager Ed Tear issued a decision on the issue on March 10. We are currently reviewing his decision and are considering whether to pursue the matter with the Northeast Regional Director.

Temiskaming Forest

FOT is also participating in the public consultation of the 2011-2021 Timiskaming Forest Management Plan. The Timiskaming Forest stretches from Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Park to Lake Abitibi, and includes the Makobe River and Montreal River Parks.

Three FOT representatives, Chair of Forests Committee Bob Olajos, Treasurer Ed MacPherson, and Board member Viki Mather attended the Review of Proposed Operations Open House last November. They spoke at length with MNR and industry foresters, stressing the importance of ecological integrity for protected areas, ecological corridors to the northern Boreal forest, and protection for canoe routes and historic trails.

The Draft FMP is expected to be released soon. We expect to proceed to Issue Resolution on these matters after reviewing the Draft Plan.