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FOT Annual General Meeting 2009
Friday, 02 October 2009 14:48



Friends of Temagami – Annual General Meeting 2009


Smoothwater EcoLodge, Temagami, Ontario 

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Everyone is welcome to attend the Friends of Temagami’s Annual General Meeting held in Temagami, Saturday, November 14, 2009. 

For more information including accommodations and to RVSP please contact :

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Changing of the Seasons Ceremony 2009
Friday, 25 September 2009 18:02



photo by Bill Lafferre


The 8th annual Changing of the Seasons Ceremony recently held on Obabika Lake was a huge success.

Sixty people gathered for the fall celebration on the traditional Misabi Family terriroies hosted by Family Head, Alex Mathias.

This year was marked by the return of many familiar faces from past gatherings including seven original Red Squirrel Road Blockaders.   Also of note was the participation of Alex's friends and neighbors from the area serviced by Hwy 805, in particular Emerald Lake.  About a dozen children of various ages took time out from play to listen to the stories and speak their names as the feather was passed to them to speak their truth.


The proceedings were lead this year by Alex.  Alex explained the importance of the observance of seasons and told stories of this life as a youth on Obabika Lake and his eventual return to live by more traditional means.  He also spoke of the struggle for justice the Temagami people have had from the early days of Europeans discovering the continent that still continue unsettled in the courtrooms of today.

photo by Brian Gill

The observances were followed by a traditional feast, guided hikes through the Old Growth Forest leading to Spirit Rock and a non-traditional beach sauna.

FOT Responds to Sudbury FMP
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 14:21

In reaction to the Sturgeon River Crossing Proposal as part of the Sudbury Forest Management Plan, FOT has responded with three letters that address our concerns.

FOT has reviewed the proposal in depth and has concluded that a new crossing would negatively effect the Park.  The principle behind our decision is the fact that this particular stretch of river is truly the last stretch of untouched wilderness in the Sturgeon River Waterway Park, and needs to stay that way.

User Conflicts in the Temagami Area.
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 17:18

by Ed MacPherson

camp In early May this year, I went into Yorston Lake planning to travel up the Yorston River to Talking Falls and then go into Mudchannel Lakeand crossover into the Pinetorch Conservation Reserve.  I arrived on Yorston Saturday, May 9th planning to stay for Sunday as well, before heading into Seagram Lake. 

The area in and around Yorston, Linger and Seagram Lakes is classed as an Integrated Management Area, under the Temagami Land Use Plan.  That means that many activities are allowed……including logging, mining, hunting, fishing, motor boating, motorized camping, public motorized access, new motorized and non-motorized trail development etc, etc.  So I was expecting to see some motorboats, ATVers , fishermen, maybe, remnants of past logging activities, etc.

Yorston at one time was a very pretty lake, but a fire in the NW corner has taken a toll on the landscape, that is now slowly coming back with new growth. Unfortunately the fire also wiped out the few campsites located on the islands in the upper narrows, such that there are only 2 campsites remaining in the north end of the lake. 

MNR loses forestry
Monday, 27 July 2009 12:52

If you search natural resources on You Tube there is a video of the present Minister of Natural Resources, Donna Cansfield planting trees. Ironic, considering that her legacy as the Minister of the MNR will be that she was the Minister who allowed forestry to be removed from the MNR.

By separating the management of forestry from the rest of the natural ecosystem Dalton McGinty and his Liberal government of Ontario have made a move that is not scientifically or logically sane. Scientifically, forestry management is integral to the management of all the natural resources in the natural ecosystem. Our natural resources are interdependent and should be managed as such. The way the forests are managed affects the fish, animals, birds, land and the water. Properly managed forest cutting for example can be used as a moose management strategy. Improper cutting can raise water temperature or pollute water and destroy fish stocks.

Giving forestry to the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines with the mandate according to the Deputy Minister of stimulating it back to some form of profitability is nothing more than an excuse to rape the forest resource. Accountability to the public for forest management has been a serious concern with the MNR in Northern Ontario but at least there is legislation in place to allow for public involvement.  The MNR’s public involvement process has been far from perfect so why would the Liberals give forestry to MNDM a Ministry with an even more dubious record of allowing public involvement.

When the North American economy recovers demand for wood products will increase and the forestry industry will recover. If there has been incompetence in the MNR’s forest management then why wasn’t there a Minister of Natural Resources appointed capable of doing the job and correcting the problems? Where is the wisdom in creating a whole new bureaucracy to manage the forest? Why are the politicians of Ontario bent on destroying the Ministry of Natural Resources?

For all of us who use and value the natural resources of Northern Ontario it is time to stand up and be counted. A viable MNR, accountable to the public is the best way to protect our natural resources. Act before our natural resources go from the fry pan into the fire.

Gaye Smith
Former Chairman  -  Temagami Stewardship Council

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