Temagami boasts over 4,700 km of canoe routes — more than triple that of Algonquin. FOT lobbies to protect these waterways and portages from harm, including logging, cottage development, and simple neglect. We are committed to:

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  • Exploring, restoring, and promoting lost and forgotten routes
  • Mapping all routes in Temagami, not just the government-recognized ones
  • Cleaning campsites and installing thunder-boxes
  • Maintaining and promoting hiking trails
  • Encouraging low-impact camping practices
  • Lobbying government and industry
  • Working with community partners, such as First Nations and cottagers associations

Adopt-a-canoe route

The idea is simple. You pick a canoe route from the list below. Head there on your next trip and give the portages and campsites some TLC.

Want to adopt a route? Need help planning? Contact us through Ask An Expert.

Canoe Routes available for adoption

  1. Eagle–Aston Loop
  2. Wolf Lake to Laura Creek
  3. Skull Lk–Mendelssohn Lk–Greenwater Lk–Bergeron Lk
  4. North Lady Evelyn River (Beauty Lk to park boundary)
  5. Wasaksina Loop
  6. Spawning Lake to Chambers Lake to Red Squirrel Lake
  7. Maxim Lake Loop
  8. Reuben Lake to Lowell Lake
  9. Yorston River
  10. Pilgrim Creek
  11. Montreal River at Beauty Lk Road to Gowganda Lk
  12. Lower Marten River
  13. Marian Lake Loop
  14. Jumping Cariboo Lk to Hangstone Lk
  15. Upper Marten River


  • Do maintain existing portages and hiking trails
  • Do pick up garbage on existing campsites
  • Do install or move pit privies as needed
  • Do use hand tools
  • Do stay within your personal abilities and always work safely
  • Do follow the Ottertooth Temagami Backcountry Ethics 
  • Do as much work as you are comfortable doing
  • Do contact Ontario Parks at (705) 569-3205 to report problems in Temagami parks

And Don'ts

  • Don't widen portages unnecessarily or create new trails
  • Don't enlarge campsites or create new campsites
  • Don't use power tools
  • Don't conduct maintenance work in parks or conservation reserves
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