Strategic Plan

The Friends of Temagami (FOT) is an incorporated non-profit organization operated by volunteers. Its members elect a board of directors to oversee the work of the organization.

This Strategic Plan presents the Friends of Temagami's vision, mission, values, and goals and strategies. This document was drafted in 2010-2011 by the Strategic Planning Committee and was approved by the FOT Board of Directors in consultation with FOT members. The Strategic Plan shall be amended from time to time as required.

Short term objectives are expressed in the FOT’s Operational Plan.

Vision - What is FOT's ideal world

FOT envisions a Temagami where:

  • Intact and sustainable wilderness ecosystems are dominant;
  • Parks and protected areas are managed first for ecological integrity;
  • Aboriginal rights, culture and access for traditional activities are respected;
  • Traditional travel routes (the Nastawgan) are recognized, valued, protected and restored; and,
  • Development is conducted in ways that do not detract from the above visions.

Mission - What FOT does to move toward its vision

FOT advocates for the conservation and restoration of wilderness values by engaging government, First Nations, industry and other stakeholders; and,

FOT promotes sustainable economic development and recreation throughout Temagami by providing information to wilderness users and by working on the ground to restore and maintain travel routes and campsites.

Values - How FOT conducts itself

  • Operates in an open, transparent, constructive and respectful manner;

  • Takes positions based on sound science and respect for traditional knowledge;

  • Is open to all who support its vision and mission, and who respect its values;

  • Encourages the contribution of all its members;

  • Encourages a healthy balance between family, work, and volunteer commitments; and,

  • Makes decisions based on consensus whenever possible.

Goals and Strategies - How FOT undertakes its Mission

1. FOT will be a leading voice for the protection and restoration of wilderness values in Temagami.


  • Engage government, First Nations, other authorities and stakeholders on forest management plans (FMPs), the Temagami Land Use Plan (TLUP) and other land-use exercises;
  • Advocate for new or increased protected areas in order to ensure the sustainability of biodiversity, cultural heritage and recreation;
  • Monitor industrial and recreational land use for sustainable practices; and,
  • Encourage the use of sustainable practices by all land users. 

2. FOT will be a leading source for backcountry sustainable recreation information.


  • Produce, market and distribute a canoe routes planning map of Temagami featuring all known routes; and,
  • Use web, social media and emerging technologies to promote backcountry history, features and travel.

3. FOT will be instrumental in ensuring that canoe routes and related values (e.g. campsites, portages, lookouts, hiking trails) are properly recognized, located, restored, protected and maintained.


  • Engage with government, First Nations, other authorities and stakeholders;
  • Conduct physical restoration and maintenance of canoe routes and related values; and,
  • Recruit other stakeholders to assist in this work.

4. FOT will strengthen its capacity for delivering its mission.


  • Develop and maintain knowledge in natural resource management, conservation biology, organizational development and public outreach;
  • Increase its membership to a sustainable level;
  • Deepen productive relationships with government;
  • Develop relationships with like-minded organizations and other stakeholders, including First Nations; and,
  • Seek stable sources of funding.
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