Ray Mears in Temagami, July 18

The Friends of Temagami and the Temagami Canoe Festival are thrilled to announce a special guest appearance by Ray Mears, world-renowned authority on wilderness bushcraft and survival. 

Ray Mears has become recognized throughout the world through his various television series including Tracks, World of Survival, Trips, The Real Heroes of Telemark and more.

Ray has spent his life learning bushcraft skills. He founded Woodlore, the School of Wilderness Bushcraft in 1983 and has been teaching ever since.

Ray will be demonstrating his bushcraft skills on Saturday July 18th from 2:00pm to 3:30pm at the Temagami waterfront, as part of the Temagami Canoe Festival.  

Ray is coming to Temagami, Ontario as part of a Wilderness Pilgrimage to find out “how a boy from Hastings in Sussex, England (Archie Belaney) became Grey Owl”. Ray has always loved this story and is interested in learning more about Grey Owl’s schooling in the woods and how he developed his passion for the wild and conservation. 

For more information on Ray Mears, visit www.RayMears.com

For more information about the Temagami Canoe Festival, visit www.temagamicanoefestival.com