Shovels for Thunder Boxes

Like headwinds and downed trees across a portage headwind, finding a full thunder box is unfortunately a common occurrence on a Temagami canoe trip. Over the last few years, canoeists and others have been placing thunder boxes (also known as pit privies) at campsites on Crown land in Temagami. With a generous grant from the Buttrum family in memory of avid canoeist Dr. Steve Buttrum, FOT placed T-boxes at select locations last summer, and we have more to go this year.

While this has led to a significant reduction in the incidence of "TP flowers" blooming on campsites, it has raised a new problem. Finding people willing to build and place thunder boxes has been relatively easy. What hasn't been so easy is dealing with the holes once they fill up. And fill up they do, depending on how popular the site is and how deep the hole was dug.

Enter a new project from the Friends of Temagami -- thunder box shovels! Beginning this summer, we will be placing shovels at select T-boxes on Crown land, along with instructions on how to dig a suitable hole (not too close to the lake, you know the drill). The shovels are tied to the trees, not hung on nails, to prevent any tree damage. The first shovels went out last week on Wolf Lake in the Chiniguchi area.

A simple concept. Find a full T-box? Dig a new hole. Then sit back and enjoy the wonderful feeling that comes from doing your part to keep Temagami beautiful for the next camper.

We are looking for shovel donations. If you have a extra round-nosed shovel or two in your shed, please consider donating it to FOT. We have drop off locations across Ontario. Contact us for more details.