Let’s Talk Parks Canada Consultation

The Friends of Temagami participated in Parks Canada’s public consultation called “Let’s Talk Parks, Canada!” about themes related to the creation and use of national parks.

FOT held an online “fireside” chat on Jan. 16, 2017 to discuss the four themes presented by Parks Canada as part of the consultation process: Responding to environmental changes in Parks Canada places, commemorating and sharing Canadian history, establishing national parks and national marine conservation areas, and connecting Canadians with nature, history and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

FOT’s proposal discussed these themes and also made a case for further protection of the Temagami area through a national park structure.

The top five recommendations made FOT were:

  1. Consider and develop plans for a national park in the Temagami region.
  2. Protect and promote the distinct and diverse ecology found throughout Parks Canada.
  3. Respect, consult and partner with the Indigenous Peoples in the operation of current National Parks, and the development of new National Parks.
  4. Plan, develop, and promote intact wilderness and wildlife corridors in combination with other land uses.
  5. Provide and promote accessibly to National Parks from large urban centres.

Thank you to the 12 FOT members who participated in this discussion process!